Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protection of patients’ personal information

In our hospital, we provide safe medical care and also carefully handle patients' personal information so that they can receive medical treatment at ease.

Purposes of personal information use

We may use your personal information for the following purposes.

Use in the hospital

(1) Medical services provided to patients
(2) Administrative tasks related to medical insurance and publicly funded healthcare
(3) Ward management including admission, discharge, etc.
(4) Accounting
(5) Reporting of medical accidents, etc.
(6) Improvement of medical services for patients
(7) Clinical education of medical students and nursing students
(8) Education and training of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, radiology technologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, etc.
(9) In-hospital case study to improve the quality of medical care
(10) Other management operations related to patients

Use outside the hospital

(1) Cooperation with other hospitals, clinics, midwifery homes, pharmacies, visiting nurse stations, nursing service providers, etc.
(2) Response to inquiries from other medical institutions, etc.
(3) When seeking opinions and advice from external physicians, etc. for medical care, etc. of patients
(4) Outsourcing of testing of specimens, etc.
(5) Explanation of disease condition to family, etc.
(6) Outsourcing of administrative tasks related to medical insurance and publicly funded healthcare
(7) Provision of health insurance claims to the review and payment institutions
(8) Response to inquiries from the review and payment institutions or insurers
(9) Submission of health insurance claims to government agencies, etc. regarding publicly funded healthcare, response to inquiries
(10) Consultation with or notification to professional organizations, insurance companies, etc. related to medical care on medical liability insurance, etc.
(11) Submission, etc. to administrative agencies and judicial organizations, etc. based on relevant laws and regulations, etc.
(12) Outsourcing of external storage for backup of medical records, etc. in the event of disasters
(13) Notification to the companies about the results of health checkups, etc. consigned by the companies.

Use for academic research (research to promote medical development)

In our hospital, we carefully handle personal information when using it for academic research. When preparing reports for academic meetings or seminars, or statistical materials, etc., we will delete information that identifies individuals such as name, address, and date of birth and anonymize facial photographs by masking. If anonymization is difficult, we may ask you to sign the consent form for the purpose of using your personal information. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

Use for other purposes

(1) Basic materials for maintenance and improvement of medical care and operations
(2) Provision of information to external auditing organizations
(3) Use for in-hospital cancer registration, cooperation for the project of registration of patients with malignant neoplasm (cancer) in Osaka Prefecture, and implementation of prognosis survey

(1) If you do not agree with the provision of information to other medical institutions, etc. in the above items, please let the contact desk know about it.
(2) If you do not request anything, we will regard this that you have consented.
(3) You may withdraw or change these requests later at any time.
If we need to use your information for any purpose other than the above, we will obtain your consent again.
Our hospital is designated as a postgraduate clinical training hospital and training hospital for medical professionals. Medical interns and medical students may attend sessions on clinical practice, nursing, and treatment for the purpose of training.

Disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of personal information

We will disclose, correct, add, or delete patients’ information or suspend the use in accordance with the provisions of Osaka Personal Information Protection Ordinance, etc.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about anything you do not understand other than the details of procedures.
Contact desk for inquiries
Medical Consultation Desk on the 1st floor of the hospital.