Notice to visitors

Notice to visitors

When using our facilities


Our hospital is guide-dog friendly, but pets are prohibited.


The baby's diaper changing table is installed in the multi-purpose toilet.
The adult diaper changing table is installed in the multi-purpose toilet in front of the General Practice Center on 1F.


Smoking is prohibited in the entire hospital premises.


We encourage waste separation.
Your understanding and cooperation would be appreciated.

When using cell phones


Power-off area(Red)


Email permitted area(Yellow)


Call permitted area(Green)

  • Mobile phones, smartphones, etc. can be used only in the permitted areas in the hospital.
    Please use them in the permitted area (indicated by stickers) or follow the instructions of the hospital staff to avoid causing trouble to other patients.

* Healthcare professionals use PHS for medical use with weak radio waves to ensure prompt communication.

Photo & recording policy

  • In consideration of the privacy of our patients and staff, we do not allow taking pictures (videos) and recording in our hospital with cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, etc. without our permission.

Management of valuables and prevention of theft

  • Please keep your valuables with you at all times. We are not liable for theft or loss in the hospital.
  • Please note that surveillance monitors are installed for crime prevention.
  • If you see a suspicious person, please notify a hospital staff member near you.
    Your understanding and cooperation would be appreciated.

In the event of an emergency disaster

  • In the event of an emergency such as earthquake, fire, or disaster, follow the guidance of a physician, nursing staff, or hospital staff.
  • Please have good manners and share common spaces with other people.
  • If you conduct yourself in a manner that may disturb the order of the hospital such as disturbing others, drinking, violence, abusive language, or an illegal act, you may be forced to leave the hospital.
  • We respectfully decline gratuity and gifts to physicians, nursing staff, and hospital staff.