Second opinion

Second opinion

A second opinion is an assessment from another doctor or specialist other than the patient’s present doctor. The specialist examines the patient’s clinical records and offers an opinion regarding medical conditions and possible treatment.
Osaka Metropolitan University Hospital specialists can provide a second opinion mainly for the following diagnoses:
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Cerebrovascular conditions
In the following cases, we maynot be able to accept a consult:
  • When the patient does not agree to receive a second opinion
  • When the patient’s present doctor is not encouraging a second opinion
    (The comprehensive report must be sent to and shared with the patient’s present doctor.)
  • If you intend to request a second opinion for the purpose of transferring to other hospital or litigation
*Please contact us in advance as we may not be able to accept your request.
*Your second opinion evaluation occurs in-person only.

To request a second opinion

Please see below for details on how to request and receive a second opinion. If you have any questions, inquire the reception counter 1 on the first floor of our hospital.
1. Who can request a second opinion?
  • Patients
  • Guardians of underage patients
  • Family members with consent from adult patients
Up to 60 minutes  33,000yen (tax included)
This includes:
  • In-person appointment with a specialist
  • Specialist review and provision of your second opinion
  • A written opinion from a specialist
The Japanese health insurance system does not cover second opinions.
Patients are responsible for all charges, and the payment is due at the actual day of the consultation.
3. What you need to provide
(1) Second opinion request form
(2) Patient referral document (referral letter)
(3) Test records such as X-ray films, scan data, blood test results, pathology slides, etc.
(4) Consent form (in the case of family members of the patient seeing a specialist without the presence of the patient)
(5) Identifications such as health insurance card that shows relationship between the patient and the family members seeing a specialist on behalf of the patient.
*(4) and (5) are needed only when someone other than the patient him/herself is seeing a specialist.
*Please pick up (1) and (4) at the reception counter 1.
4. Where to request
Please submit the documents listed above to the reception counter 1.
5. About your appointment
To ensure sufficient time for consultation, we have implemented appointment only system for second opinion.
After reviewing your second opinion request form, etc., we will assign a specialist and arrange the day of your office visit in line with your requests. Typically, it takes about 7 to 14 business days to set up your appointment.


Location Hour Note
Reception counter 1 1st Floor 9:00 am-4:45 pm Except non-consultation days